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Day Wireless Operates the Largest Digital Two–Way Radio Network in the Northwest

The TRBOWEST Digital Network is the largest wide area digital two way radio system in the Northwest. The system spans most of Washington State, Oregon, Northern Idaho, and into Northern California. It offers seamless connection to 55 high power mountaintop RF sites. Future expansion is planned with other system operators to further blanket the West with coverage. Talk all day on our digital two way radio system for one low flat rate. TRBOWEST complies with the new DOT hands free driving laws and is a great alternative to cellular push-to-talk.

$21.00/month Voice Only
   - Unlimited Talk Time - Full System Access

$16.00/month Voice Only
   - Unlimited Talk Time - Single Site Access

$6.00/month Add Data
   - Unlimited text (Radio to Dispatch, radio to radio)
   - Unlimited GPS (software license sold separately)

$4.00/month Backup Radio Plan
   - Use as a backup to your primary radio system
   - Add capacity and coverage for temporary purposes such as special events and field trips

Digital Improvements vs. Analog Radio

  • Higher Quality Audio
  • Larger Audible Coverage Area
  • Enhanced Privacy
  • Data Capability – Text, GPS, other
  • 40% Longer Battery Life
  • Custom call groups and One-to-One


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