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Education Solutions

Better Communications, Better Education

The new pace of education demands a wireless campus. Budgets require these services to be cost effective. Day Wireless offers a wide range of solutions to serve both needs.

Wireless LAN

When every corner of your campus needs high-speed data access, Wireless LAN offers a budget-friendly solution.

Wireless LAN Solutions for Education

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Two-Way Radio

Why pay for costly cell phones for campus communications? Motorola provides cost-effective two-way radio equipment and services to keep your campus connected for less.

Two-Way Radio Solutions for Education

Learn more about the Day Wireless network service components of these solutions.

Fixed Wireless Broadband

Connect multiple campuses and provide redundancy for bandwidth hungry applications.

Fixed Wireless Broadband Solutions for Education

Learn more about our flexible-bandwidth fixed wireless services.

TRBOWEST Digital Network

Offering the largest wide-area digital two-way radio network in the region, TRBOWEST has your school's bus fleet covered.

TRBOWEST Digital Network For Education

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