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Radio Systems

Radio communications are mission-critical decision-making tools. Day Wireless delivers secure, reliable two-way radio solutions to help your field personnel make better decisions faster.

Two-Way Radio Solutions

Day Wireless is the largest full-service radio solutions provider in the region. We offer a broad array of services along with premier customer service to support your field communication needs.

  • Integrated Voice and Data
  • P25 Standard
  • Encrypted End-to-End Network Security

With more successful deployments than any other provider in the region, Day Wireless stands apart as a trusted industry leader.

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Radio Over IP

Cost effective and scalable, our radio-over-IP solutions will grow with your needs.

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Radio Systems

From conventional to simulcast or multicast, our experts can design a radio system to meet your needs.

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Paging Systems

Trust systems designed to make your teams work faster and more safely.

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With a wide array of console options, do not settle for hardware that does not fit your needs.

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Fixed Data Monitoring

Be sure your wireless system performs to its potential.

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