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Get The Performance You Need With Our Rugged Laptops

Delicate laptops provide the power and performance most businesses need, but what happens if work happens to take place in a more demanding environment? When your workers need solutions that are meant for more challenging circumstances than a safe, comfortable office, our rugged laptops deliver. At Day Wireless Systems, we provide solutions companies need for hazardous, demanding and remote locations.

At Day Wireless Systems, it is our mission to become your one-stop source for all your wireless communications, data and video needs. Since 1969, we have specialized in delivering cutting-edge solutions to companies large and small. From Motorola radios to rugged laptops, our product and service line combines to ensure our clients have what they need to get their jobs done no matter where work takes them.

Rugged laptops are designed for high intensity use in a wide variety of circumstances. Military, law enforcement, utility providers and professionals in many other high-demand fields turn to us for laptops they know can stand up to the pressures of field work. To make sure we have the rugged laptops your industry can benefit from, we offer a wide selection of products, including:

The GB8000 Fully Rugged Notebook

This highly portable device might look delicate, but it's not. The GD8000 has been fully tested to military extremes and features the power, performance and security professionals need to take their work on the road.

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The GD6000 Vehicle Rugged Notebook

This device was designed to offer the ultimate in flexibility. It functions just as well in an office as it will in a vehicle. It meets standards for temperature, vibration, dust ingress and even humidity. The machine is fully tested to handle drops and even has a spill resistant keyboard.

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The GoBook MR-1 Ultra Rugged Mobile PC

When it comes to rugged laptops, this one delivers in the performance department. It is perfect for a wide variety of applications and environmental extremes. The design is small enough for motorcycle use, too.

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The Duo Touch II

This is a tablet computer for use on the go. It has been fully tested to provide secure, reliable mobile effectiveness. This machine relies on a touch screen display and offers the power and security many industries demand. In fact, its Intel Core Duo processor is optimized to multitask without drawing too much power.

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Whether your work takes you on the road or into remote locations, a rugged laptop can provide the power you need when your mission is critical. At Day Wireless Systems, we offer a variety of laptop models to make sure our customers have access to the machines they need to get their work done. There's no reason to keep replacing more delicate machines, we our solutions are designed to provide the durability your industry demands.

If you're ready to find out what a big difference rugged laptops can make, just contact us for more information. Our consultants are always happy to answer questions and help clients select the right wireless solutions to meet their distinct needs. From two way radios to field laptops, we offer the technology you need to get business done. Just call us at 1-800-503-3433 for direct assistance.