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Electronic Citations

Electronic Ticketing solutions for mobile computing devices have been around for many years, but were typically focused on parking enforcement initiatives. The additional data and increased complexity of traffic enforcement citations (and other agency forms) prevented the wide-use of handheld solutions to issue traffic violations. However, advancements in both the functionalities of handheld software applications and features of new handheld devices have significantly increased the use and deployment of the handheld solutions by public safety agencies.

Mobile applications by Advanced Public Safety (APS) are customized to match the exact process flow desired by each agency. Agencies can divide the ticket/form into as few or as many tabs/screens as desired. They can also customize all of the drop-down menus to incorporate all of the specific information related to their municipality (streets, locations, violations, agency information, etc.). In addition, the APS "Smart Logic" feature provides all of the embedded intelligence to auto-populate the statute number, court information, fine amount, and other additional data which drastically reduces the time it takes to produce a citation.

Benefits of E-Citation:

Increased officer safety, revenue, and productivity

Safety – officers can save 5-10 minutes per citation using a mobile solution, meaning they are out of harm's way faster. More than 150 police officers from 1997-2007 were hit and killed by motorists in the US.

Revenue – 20-30% of all traffic citations are dismissed due to incorrect statute numbers, incorrect violations, and other administrative data errors. Using e-ticketing software ensures all the information is 100% accurate, and all copies of the citation are completed in professional, legible print.

Productivity – if a patrol officer is able to save just 5 minutes per citation, applied to 5 stops per day, over 200 work days per year, the officer will be able to spend an extra 83 hours (5000 minutes) per year patrolling the streets instead of writing up tickets.

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About APS:

APS is the market leader in providing electronic Ticketing/Forms solutions, Reporting functionality, and Voice applications to law enforcement agencies. APS currently works with over 700 agencies across North America. Each day over 25,000 law enforcement professionals utilize the technology solutions provided by APS.

APS E-ticketing software allows law enforcement officers to issue traffic citations from their mobile computers. The software captures data from the CAD/mobile system and auto-populates an electronic version of the agency's current citation. Data can be obtained from a scan or swipe of the offender's driver's license.